WordPress Smileys + How to Take Pics on CP

Here’s the WordPress Smiles http://aquair.wordpress.com :


 [Click To Enlarge]

Here’s How to Take Pics on CP:

 Click PrtSc on Your KeyBoard then paste in to Microsoft Paint and Save as . Jpg.


33 Comments on “WordPress Smileys + How to Take Pics on CP”

  1. Pezster12 Says:

    🙂 😛 :mrgreen: 😮 😈 ➡ ❗ ❓ 💡 😎 😆 😳

  2. benandalrock Says:

    yay thanks!

  3. Pezster12 Says:

    ur welcome do u have a wordpress?

  4. exactamente Says:

    dang i dont even have that button on my keyboard! LOL 😥

  5. bigbloopers Says:

    I don’t get it

  6. India414 Says:

    Whens The Next Pirate Ship Coming On Club Penguin Cuz I Really Want Something Tht Is On The Pirate Ship LOL xx

  7. Pezster12 Says:

    i dont know hes off exploling

  8. snowdubby Says:

    how do you make the header and how do you put the music and how do you add the ask pezter12 thing??????????!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Karthikeyan Says:

  10. Karthikeyan Says:

    ➡ ❓ ❗ 😉 😮 :¬:

  11. Karthikeyan Says:

    ➡ ❗ ❓ 🙂 😦 :mrgreen: 💡 😥 8) 80 :0 😡 :twisted 😀 😛 🙄 :-+ ^_^

  12. Desspereaux Says:

    omg thanks pez its dess from cp!!

  13. Sonicwave00 Says:

    If you have a Mac computer, it’s a little diffrent: Apple,Shift,4 You can Show how ever much of the image you want, Apple shift 3, then edit if u want or just save to appleworks.

  14. sweetcars12 Says:


  15. Pezster12 Says:

    yeah it is diferent

  16. Jazzi10 Says:

    It duznt work im confuzed lol and if ya dont believez me ask exact lol i so confuzed and it aint cuz i small lol

  17. exactacookie Says:

    what i have a mac and that didnt work at all

  18. Pezster12 Says:

    exactacookie ? lol i have ni ide wat dat guy means

  19. exactamente Says:

    dhfjkahfa me either it doesnt make sense

  20. sonny gman Says:

    screw the people who dont like yo website. Who cares if this is stupid. lol jk this is an awsome website!

  21. Pezster12 Says:

    yeah thats what im talking bout

  22. corrypie Says:

    mine dont work
    it’ll let me do it on word but……………. can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. Pezster12 Says:

    sure tell me what i can do

  24. weegegesype Says:

    Nice site keep it up!


  25. wubblz Says:

    Hello, I am hosting a party at my igloo. If you would like to come have some fun look below for info.

    server: tundra
    igloo: wubblz
    time: 3:00 (cp time)

  26. zipp42 Says:

    😯 lol!!!!!!

  27. ojoc Says:

    I just found over 300 swfs that work!
    plz visit my site to see them 🙂


  28. kazanouri 22 Says:


  29. Blackknight3 Says:

    and how i take a pick if im in a German laptop Z53S series?

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