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Pezster12’s Dynamite Block Game: 

More Coming Soon


13 Comments on “My Games Corner”

  1. sweetcars12 Says:

    THis is so of schedul! ITs not even about it! But how do you make a website? does it cost money? i wan’t to be famouse!

  2. Pezster12 Says:

    calm down no its free go to to get a site and im famous because i had a lot of friends on my old site htpp:// it got suspended for no reason and i made this one

  3. Onpu12 Says:

    Pezster EARNED to be “Famous”. He’s not really famous, he’s just really popular and well-liked. You can’t demand popularity and friends, you have to earn it!! Being rude-FOR ONE THING, is not getting you anywhere.

  4. sonnygman13 Says:

    The best club penguin helper ever!

  5. sonny gman Says:

    this is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luve thid site.

  6. sonny gman Says:

    dude shut johny89! U r talkin about my best friends. better than your website proably. pezster12 sight is good johny89 u mother!

  7. sonnygman13 Says:

    this is genious!

  8. sonny gman Says:

    hi holly it me sonnygman13

  9. sonny gman Says:

    hi pez its me sonny Gman. im unbanned forever but i cant talk.

  10. sonny gman Says:

    Hey pezster12 u were wrong. if you have a penguin with numbers that doesnt mean u hackd club penguin i made a penguin with a bad name and it changed to apenguin with numbers. I even asked club penguin they said that just means so people ont see the bad penguin name

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