Dream Penguins

All Credit Goes To Mcmo11  ® Dream Penguins © 2007.

Have You Ever Seen A Rare Penguin That You Dream of Using The Items Well Now You Can Just Leave Your Penguin Name, Coins, Pin, Backround,Color,  And Items Through The Beta Test Hat to the Blue Cape We Have It All! Note: If You Don’t Give Me a Pin, Backround, Color etc. I’ll Put one in.



Completed Ones:



T67yu Mn76


















 Dilusion 92




Music 408










Rofl Dude



164 Comments on “Dream Penguins”

  1. exactamente Says:

    oooh thats awesome, can you make me one?!?

    987654 coins
    clover pin
    pumpkin background
    pink cowgirl hat
    ghost costume
    black face mask
    pink boa
    bunny slippers


  2. legoless Says:

    Dozy3000 couldnt do this one right. can u? 😈

    head: beta hat
    eyes: super hero mask
    neck: green cape
    body: lepracán tuxedo
    arms: orange water wings
    feet: pirate boots
    pin: shamrock
    background: the band background
    sy phone: yes.
    coins: nothing too big. about 1000 or so.


  3. legoless Says:

    o ye, my penguin’s name is ‘T67yu Nm76’.

  4. Pezster12 Says:

    ok ill make them asap

  5. Pezster12 Says:

    exate i dont have the pumpkin backround but i hope u like this one

  6. exactamente Says:

    ohh ok thats fine

  7. JustinD07 Says:

    Ill have one too
    Superhero cape
    red sunglasses
    cowboy boots
    Black toque
    plant pin
    Camo backround

  8. exactamente Says:

    YAY THATS SO AWESOME!!!! thanks pez!!!!
    you spelled exactamente wrong but thats ok lol I LOVE IT!

  9. Pezster12 Says:

    your welcome 🙂

  10. benandalrock Says:

    hey pez its me benandalrock! is it okay if ya make me a dream penguin?

  11. benandalrock Says:

    976378683 coins
    lime green
    black guitar
    black sweater
    black beanie
    black sneakers
    club penguin band backround thank you!!!!

  12. exactamente Says:

    can you make one for my sister Burbles101??

    beach ball pin
    clouds background
    pink letterman jacket
    ballet slippers
    pink boa
    pink bunny hat
    black face mask

    please and thanks!

  13. Onpu12 Says:

    xDD COOLIO! Exactemente is spelled wrong…xD but that’s okay,cuz your cool like dat.=D

  14. Pezster12 Says:

    ok ill get on them asap

  15. Onpu12 Says:

    xD and exactamente is reading stuffs….=O That frt.xD

  16. Pezster12 Says:

    i cant do the boa and the pearlS!

  17. exactamente Says:

    haha oops i meant just the pearls but thank you its just how she wanted it!!

  18. Onpu12 Says:

    clover pin
    pink bunny hat
    band background
    pink letterman jacket

  19. Alissacutie Says:

    923,241,750,678,053,652,264 coins please
    diamond pin please
    pink wings please
    black penguin please
    ballet shoes please
    rockhopper back round please
    tiara please
    Please will you do this for me please and i know who you are you are hannah’s friend!!Hope to see you on Club Penguin BYE!!

  20. Pengwee25 Says:

    small crown
    feater boa
    Red face paint
    pink shoes
    beach ball pin
    pink hawain backround

  21. Pezster12 Says:

    ok ill get on them soon!

  22. legoless Says:

    😯 amasing! the green cape looks a bit fake though. ill give it a 9.91/10.

  23. Pezster12 Says:

    the green cape is fake but i found the code for irt lol

  24. freeman777 Says:

    Pez theres no point they don’t work as a real penguin

  25. Pezster12 Says:

    it doesnt matter freeman these penguins seem o like it and yes it does have some uses like ur wordpress avatar!

  26. legoless Says:

    ill try to edit the cape…

  27. cruisingman1 Says:

    how do u do it? i using cp trainer 2 on it

  28. i changed my name on wrdpress to my nickname :mrgreen:

  29. freeman777 Says:

    Ok pez anyway

  30. thegiver1 Says:

    hey pez um… heres my info

    beta tester hat
    red cape
    pin:puffle flag
    rianbow bracelet
    and thats it
    well i gonna be on clubpenguin right now wanna meet

  31. Pezster12 Says:

    what backround or ill just put one

  32. thegiver1 Says:

    just put one oh mamath dock or dojo

  33. freeman777 Says:

    Ok I’ll order for my avatar.
    Hat: Beta testing hat
    Eyes: Red sunglasses
    Body: ghost sheet
    neck: red + yellow lei
    Hands: red guitar
    Feet: cowboy boots

  34. Pezster12 Says:

    ok ill get to it man

  35. Dilusion 92 Says:

    can i have one! a black penguin the life jacket, the black toque, the super hero mask, the black cape, the ice skates, the lasso, the camo backround, the music not pin, and the name Dilusion 92. thanks ~~D92~~

  36. Dilusion 92 Says:

    oooh and 123000 coins… and if u can make it thanks!!! ~~D92~~

  37. Pezster12 Says:

    ok man ill get going on thses u too freeman!

  38. exactamente Says:

    haha the last 2 penguins are like chopped more lol

  39. Pezster12 Says:

    no (says with sacasim) lol 😆

  40. Benandalrock Says:

    lets be buddies!!! UR TOO KOOL!

  41. Benandalrock Says:


  42. Rofldude Says:

    Cowboy hat
    Superhero mask
    yellow scarf
    Bunny slippers
    Cowboy vest
    Coins: 20000000000

  43. Music 408 Says:

    Name: Music 408
    Pin: Shamrock
    Background: Desert
    Hat: Black Toque
    Shirt: Blue Vest
    Shoes: Ice Skates
    Spy Phone
    Glasses: Super Hero Mask
    Neck: red cape

  44. Music 408 Says:

    shirt: poncho
    hat: Beta Test Hat
    Shoes: Ice Skates
    Face: Blue Face Paint
    Neck: Red Cape
    Hand: Laso
    Spyphone: Yes
    Background: Desert
    Pin: Shamrock

  45. Pezster12 Says:

    kk ill get to them

  46. Pezster12 Says:

    oh and only 2 orders per person music408 and evrry one elese 8)

  47. Vince Says:

    Shirt: Skeleton Shirt
    Shoes: Ice Skates
    Hand: Red Guitar
    Neck: Green Cape
    Face: Blue Snorkel
    Pin: Sun
    Hat: Blue Pirate Hat
    Spy Phone: Yes
    Background: Moon And Stars
    Name Vince 7777

  48. Sam AKA Music 408 Says:


  49. Bat Says:

    name: Bat27
    Hat: bunny Hood
    face:Ninja mask(if not get me Hero mask)
    neck: Red And Green Scarf
    Shirt: Poncho
    Pin: Balloon
    background: wagon
    Pez’s Comment: DONE

  50. Dragonboy10 Says:

    Shirt: Red Jail Shirt
    Hand: lasso
    Foot: Clown Shoes
    Face: Blue Snorkel
    Head: Blue Pirate Hat
    Neck: Pearl Necklace
    Pin: Balloon
    Background: Target Background
    Color: Yellow
    Spy Phone: Yes
    Name: Drangon10
    Pez’s Comment: don’t fool with me u 2 are the same person with the same ip adress ill do both of ur penguins but use the same name u can have up to 2.

  51. dragonboy10 Says:

    Shirt: Blue Polo Shirt
    Hand: Silver Watch
    Neck: Black Cape
    Face: Superhero Mask
    Head: Beta Test Hat
    Foot: Cowboy Boots
    Color: Yellow
    Pin: Shamrock
    Background: Target
    Spy Phone: Yes
    Name: Dragon10
    PEZ’S COMMENT: done

  52. exactamente Says:

    wowz you got a lot of customers, lol

  53. Pezster12 Says:

    guys ill do them im realy busy im so sorry

  54. thegiver1 Says:

    waz upez its the give1 guess what im acullay makeing a penguin called cpusp

  55. Rofldude Says:

    Name:Rofl dude
    Face:Superhero mask
    Head:Brown fedora
    Body:Life jacket
    Neck: red cape

    Nice blog! 🙂

    PEZ’S COMMENT: done

  56. Pezster12 Says:

    ill do them ASAP im reallt behind 😉

  57. puffyiscool Says:

    background= target- rockhopper bckground
    others= boa, bead neclase-ballet shoes,black mask and ghost outfit . pink hoody
    coins = 1000000

    -plz can i have one- if i can ure a star pez thx!
    PEZ’s COMMENT: ? is this 2 orders ill do them both.

  58. FreakofUgly Says:

    thanks 🙂 btw how does this stuff work? i mean do u just tell us the pass and we go on it?

  59. FreakofUgly Says:

    okay 2 questions, no. 1 how long will this take no. 2 how do you do it?

  60. FreakofUgly Says:

    answer meh asap -.-

  61. FreakofUgly Says:

    anybody here? :O

  62. Pezster12 Says:

    yes im here and i use a special program

  63. Besttinkever Says:


    fairy wings
    spy phone
    ballet shoes
    orange penguin
    that’s all for now! byee and thanks!

  64. FreakofUgly Says:

    wait a minute, do we get to actually play these penguins or do we just make the thing?

  65. Pezster12 Says:

    its just a picture

  66. FreakofUgly Says:

    oh that stinks i thought we got actual penguins 😦 oh well its still pretty cool xD

  67. FreakofUgly Says:

    :oh i want another

    Name: FreakofUgly
    Coins: 500,000,000
    Head: Pink bunny ears
    Face: Pink Face Paint
    Hand: Wand
    Body: Pink or Purple Hoodie w/ fairy wings
    Shoes: Bunny Slippers
    Color: Pink

  68. FreakofUgly Says:

    are ya there or are you west coast or central coast? btw whats the program i wannna try

  69. Pezster12 Says:

    east it cp trainer 4 ill get to ur order

  70. puffyiscool Says:

    do u have to pay???

  71. FreakofUgly Says:

    um um…………….. why is it taking so long im mean its been like 2 days and you didn’t finish any yet… sory i have to patience

  72. Pezster12 Says:

    im sorry im realy behind. no puffy

  73. puffyiscool Says:

    how’s it goin pez???

  74. exactamente Says:

    this is for my other sis:

    0987654321 coins
    pirate puffle flag pin
    pink hawaiian flower background
    yellow and pink party hat
    bunny slippers
    black beanie
    pink hoodie
    black face mask

  75. exactamente Says:

    scratch the party hat, black beanie instead

  76. FreakofUgly Says:

    oops wasn’t paying attention to keyboard but that does sound a little awkward LOL i meant to say i really do think your busy

  77. ighg kh Says:


  78. ighg kh Says:

    🙂 COOL SITE!

  79. Pezster12 Says:


  80. puffyiscool Says:

    soz to ask but is myne fineshed yt?

  81. ighg kh Says:

    🙂 K THNX

  82. katie Says:

    out of instrest how long will it take anyway……

  83. Pezster12 Says:

    im really behind ill do it when i gewt a chance 😳

  84. ighg kh Says:

    Ok thanx 🙂

  85. Onpu12 Says:

    =D Thanks,Pez!It looks awesome!!Nice music by the way!

  86. CrazyAR4000 Says:


  87. ClubPenguinLvr Says:

    You have a lot of accounts, and a lot of money on all of them!! How do you do it?

  88. Pezster12 Says:

    i use a program that i can type in codes for items and i edit the names on paint and u can put the a mount of coins u want

  89. puffyiscool Says:

    is myne done yet?!?

  90. Pezster12 Says:

    im sorry its closed

  91. puffyiscool Says:


  92. Popper Pip Says:

    i no its closed but here is my order for wen its open again

    name Popper Pip
    santa hat
    pink boa or pearl neclace
    rockhopper background
    any pin at least 7 months old
    any currently unavailable shoes
    pink tutu
    no glasses

  93. Pezster12 Says:

    thank you i cant belive someone finally understands ill do when evr ok?

  94. Popper Pip Says:

    kk thats fine 🙂

  95. Fins1094 Says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so happy that I found you!:-) I know U are very busy and it might be closed for a while. But I’m dieing 2 have a penguin like this!!! Make it rare and awesome, the ONLY thing I ask of you is that you give me the BLACK SUPER HERO MASK!!! You will be the best person ever if you do this for me!:-)…So please do this for me as soon as you can! please! thank-you

  96. puffyiscool Says:


  97. Pezster12 Says:

    it closed im done doing orders!!!!!11!!!!

  98. Fireball678 Says:

    y not?

  99. Coolio Says:

    face: superhero black mask
    pink and yellow party hat
    black shoes
    red guitar
    pin: clover
    background: pumpkin
    name: Examenter
    black beenie
    red cape
    thnx sooooooooo much this means a lot to me

  100. Coolio Says:

    o yeah i forgot to add a red guitar to Soccerfann5 thnx!!!!!

  101. Coolio Says:

    please pez can i be the last one. i love clubpenguin and i have no friends. plz im begging you. this would mean my life

  102. Pezster12 Says:

    bye the end of tommorow all orders will be done and it will be reopened!!!!

  103. zobles Says:

    Dear Pezster12
    Name: Zobles
    Pin: Shamrock
    Color: Green
    Clothes: Black sunglasses, Black hoodie, blue sneakers, red bandana, beta tester hat,gold watch.
    Backround: Rockhopper
    Thx!! 🙂

  104. zobles Says:

    oh sorry and coins: 15000

  105. dear pezster

    name -tryaggggaim



    clothes-2nd annaversity hat ,eyepach, fishing hook , parrot,



  106. Penguinevere Says:

    Hi, I don’t understand. Do make a picture of my dream penguin that I can see on this site, or can you make me look my dream penguin when I’m on CP.

    Please explain! Thanks!

  107. kh98 Says:

    do you know when mine will be fineshed?

  108. Fireball678 Says:

    Clover pin disco target backround ghost sheet superhero mask ice skates lasso and pearl neclace please… do it asap

  109. Fireball678 Says:

    oh and color black

  110. Fireball678 Says:

    coins 99999999999

  111. FreakofUgly Says:

    yaa know ive been waiting quite a while, like a month about

  112. Pezster12 Says:

    im so soory im closing it until i get these done its hard to do them

  113. zobles Says:

    are you working on mine ive been waitin for ages…. but take your time. -Zobles

  114. puffyiscool Says:

    pez im soz 😥 i was nasty a few days ago im soz….. i was not havein a good time on cp im reali soz for getin angrey!

  115. Pezster12 Says:

    it ok my hacker is down to get these so its closed again

  116. CrazyAR4000 Says:

    when am i getting my clothes pez?

  117. CrazyAR4000 Says:

    see if you are not a member can you still get clothes ???

  118. kh98 Says:

    Hi Pez !

    Can ppl C the items and will we get banned?


    cool site! 🙂

  119. Fireball678 Says:

    when will i get mine i have been waiting a long time

  120. Onpu12 Says:

    OMG…lyk heeeeyyy…umm…YEAH. I haven’t talked to you in awhile…I just recently talked to Hannah,too! Yesterday,to be EXACTAMENTE. Lol, dorky joke.. anyway, hey Pez!! Just wanted u 2 know I’m still aliiiveee ~Onpu

  121. terricka Says:

    i want a gold watch and rockhopper

  122. kh98 Says:

    ok i seriosly don’t believe this

  123. kh98 Says:

    is this a fake 😦 iv’e been waiting since october so im canceling.

  124. zipp42 Says:

    Pez u realy need to up date your site!!!!!!!!!

  125. Ehahs Says:

    I want a penguin

    i just wanna have three things



    black hoddie

    name: Pez66336

  126. jomo1998 Says:

    Head Item: Beta Hat

    Face Item: 3-D Glasses

    Body Item: Blue Admiral Jacket

    Hands Item: Lasso

    Foot Item: Ice Skates

    Color: Black

    Name: Jomo1998

    Coins: Too Many

    Pin: Clover Pin

    Background: Old Penguin Band

  127. Fearpenguin2 Says:

    whats going on i have been waiting forever for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. kazanouri 22 Says:

    head:beta test hat
    face:3 D glasses
    neck:black superhero cape(fake or real i dunno)
    body:lighthouse t shirt
    hand:gold watch
    feet:blue sneakers
    other:spy phone on player card
    name:kazanouri 22

  129. kazanouri 22 Says:

    and also

  130. mario10018 Says:

    May I have one?
    Name: Mario 10018
    Color: Light Blue
    Head: Beta Hat
    Face: Black Superhero Mask
    Neck: Star Necklace
    Body: Black Hoodie
    Hand: Red Electric Guitar
    Feet: Black Sneakers
    Backround: Target
    Pin: Shamrock
    Coins: 99999

  131. mario10018 Says:

    pez wat program do u use for this?

  132. drake500958 Says:

    money, 1,000,000
    just like yours on the top but with my name and money plz

  133. becky803 Says:

    you have to update your site

  134. feverincp Says:

    Hi, I would like,

    Hat: Beta hat
    Neck: Red lei
    Body: Yellow duck
    feet: Bunny flippers
    hands: Orange floaties
    Backround: Target
    Pin: Clover pin.

  135. feverincp Says:

    Oh yeah, And the name will be M A S K Y

  136. feverincp Says:

    And 902333 Coins

  137. Kidsquest Says:

    Name: Kidsquest
    Color: Red
    Head: Beta Hat
    Face: Blue Sunglasses
    Neck: Red and Orange Lei
    Body: Black Hoodie
    Hand: Orange Water Wings
    Feet: Ice Skates
    Pin: Shamrock
    Background: Target Background
    Coins: 20048

  138. Kh98 Says:


  139. dinomike Says:

    Your the best doing this!
    Name: Starlight
    Color: Green
    Coins: 100
    Head: Beta Hat
    Face: Red Sunglasses
    Body: Yellow Rubber Ducky
    Hand: Pumpkin Basket
    Feet: Ice Scates
    Neck: Red Lei
    Pin: Green Balloon
    Background: Wakeboard or Band
    My penguin just got banned from a hacker!!!But take your time

  140. Purprino Says:

    Pin: Ice cube
    Backround: Hearts
    glasses: White trendy sunglasses
    Outfit: Pink letterman jacket
    Neck item: Pink boa
    Shoes: Fuzzy boots
    Head: The sidetied
    Hand item: Pink purse
    coins: 100,000

  141. Bomble3 Says:

    i can beat you guys i have 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 coin im not lying either if you think i am your a asshole

  142. dadsbratt Says:

    i should be on this list a weeek a go i had 18000 coins some girl on here has 12000

  143. pham360 Says:

    head: beta hat
    face:blue sunglasses
    neck: red lei
    body: old life jacker
    feet: bunnyslippes
    hand: old marcos

  144. Wubbzy26 Says:

    Hey Pez You Rock!

    My Dream Penguin
    Name: Explicit8
    Pin: DJ CD
    Background:Igloo Background
    Head: The Sunstriker
    Face: Aviator Sunglasses
    Neck: Brown Mailbag
    Body: Green-Grey and Beige Cp Letterman Jacket
    Hand: MP3000
    Feet: Orange Sneakers

    Thanks Pez
    Waddle ON!

  145. candice Says:

    face-3d glasses
    neck-green scarf
    body-foot pajamas
    feet-bunny slippers
    thanks!!! =J

  146. Bluesockwa2 Says:

    Head:Beta Party Hat
    Neck:Halloween Scarf
    Body:Ghost Costume
    Hand:Pumpkin Basket
    Background:Gary Background

  147. Chocolate chip Says:

    Name: Egg head911

    Head: Beta hat

    Face: Black Super hero mask

    Neck: Red cape

    Body: Penguin band hoodie

    Feet: Just sneakers

    Coins: 500,000

    Background: Penguin band

    Pin: clover

  148. souljaboys45 Says:

    name: souljaboys45

    head: beta hat

    face: 3d glasses

    neck: Hawaiian lei

    body: Green-Grey and Beige Cp Letterman Jacket

    hand: orange floaties

    feet: ice skates

    pin: shamrock

    back round: old penguin band back round

    coins: 0

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