Club Penguin Map

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1. Town: The Town is usually the first place you visit. When there are parties, The Town is usually decorated.

2. The Plaza: The Plaza is one of the most popular Places in Club Penguin. From here you can go to the Pizza Parlor or you can adopt a Puffle at the Pet Shop and Watch a Play or Act It Out On Stage at the New Theater.

3. Dock: You can play Hydrohopper from the Dock.

4. Snow Forts: The Snow Forts is where you can have fun Snowball Fights. The Clock Tower is also at the Snow Forts.

5. The Beach: The Beach is the home of the Lighthouse. You can sometimes see The Migrator (Rockhopper’s Pirate Ship) docked here.

6. Ice Rink: At the Ice Rink you can play Ice Hockey.

7. Mountain: You can go Sled Racing at the Mountain. There are sleds for Beginners, Amatures, and Experts.

8. Ski Village: From the Ski Village you can go to the Mountain or to the Sport Shop and Ski Lodge.

9. Forest: The Forest is a great camping spot and the only place without buildings.

10. Cove: The Cove is a good secluded spot where you can swim in the shallow water.

11. Dojo: The Dojo is High up in the mountains. It is a secret room. And a perfect place for penguins to hide.

12.Mine Shack: You can go back into the old shack and that will lead you to the Mine.

13.Ice Berg: At the Ice Berg, you can try to tip it, but no one has succeeded yet. And in the distance, you can see Club Penguin.


9 Comments on “Club Penguin Map”

  1. Pablo 37 Says:

    this website is kewl

  2. Pezster12 Says:

    thanx i aprecaite that please come check weekly!

  3. exactamente Says:

    hey i never saw this page its cool
    i know someone who has succeeded in tipping the berg 😉

  4. 1. i am a free member
    2. i know rockhoppers password it is pppppppppppp you may get banned
    3. i am the best OUT of the rest! “BOO”

  5. CrazyAR4000 Says:

    THIS WEB SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. zobles Says:

    cool site! 🙂
    i also have a site:

  7. Antonia Says:

    Thanks….I copy the 5th mission chart guide for my site….and i wrote your site….if u are angry about this email me at and i will cut the message

    my iste?

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