Cheats and Glitches

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1) Pizza-Tron 3000 Cheat a) switch  the lever on the start screen of the game and you should be making desert pizzas.

2) Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing
a. Once the end of the Ice Fishing level comes, catch a small fish and save it
b. Later, when the big fish comes, hold the line with the fish on it in front of the big fish and he will eat it.

3) Astro Barrier Secret!
a. Go play Astro Barrier
b. At the Astro Barrier menu, press 1, 2, or 3 if you want to go to level 10, 20, or 30.

4) Putting Wall Items Sideways
a. Have a wall item on your wall in your igloo
b. Quickly drag it to the outside of your igloo and let go
c. If done right, it should be turned on its side.

5) Dancing with Different Clothes on
a. Have on any clothes on, anything
b. Open up your player card
c. Put on clothes that have a special dance but don’t close your player card
d. Now dance
e You should be doing weird dances while your clothes do different.

6) Furniture on Walls or Furniture on Floor!
a. Go to your igloo and open up your furniture inventory
b. Find out a floor item that is on the top few rows of your inventory.
c. Double click on the item and it should stick onto the wall. (NOTE: After you put a few items on the wall, you will have to log off then back in to do it again.)
d. You can also do the same thing with wall items on the floor.

7) Flashing Words
a. Say, “green commander of…” In the space after of you can say whatever you like.
b. Walk around while saying it.

8 ) Walk with the Paper!

a. Go to Lodge Attic or Book Room
b. Go to the Find Four or the Mancala game
c. When the sign pops up saying would you like to play this game, click the yes button rapidly
d. You should walk away from the game while playing

e.Then dance with the paper
f. Open up the map and click the Town or
Village (Depending on which game you play)
g. Go back into the room you were playing in
h. Everyone should see you walking with the paper

9) Dance With the Paper!
a. Go on
b. Open up someone’s player card and drag it outside of the screen so you can only see the envelope on their player card and everything to the right of it
c. Open up the Newspaper
d. Click the envelope on the player card and the Newspaper should go away
e. Send them a card
f. You should be able to dance and talk with the Paper.

10) Editing other igloos!
a. Go to your igloo
b. Click on the edit button
c. Open up your buddy list
d. Go to a friend’s igloo that is a member
e. You should be able to move their furniture.

11) Walk on Light House Walls!
a. Go to the Light House
b. Go behind the bucket of fish (or between the barrel and the boat)
c. Click the door a couple times
d. Click above the door and you should be able to walk on the wall.

12) Sit forward a. Click on your penguin b. Look forward c. Press s from your keyboard. 

13) Walk on the beacon’s light bulb  a. Go to one side b. Throw a lot of snowballs c. Press the +/= button of your keyboard d. Click on the snowballs.

14) Puffles without names a) Go to the pet shop b) Click on the puffles catalogue c) Buy a puffle of your choice d) Click yes e) When you are asked to write the name press the space button f) Press next Enjoy!

15) Nubbing a) Go to b. Go to somewhere like the Town
c. If there isn’t a space under the chat bar then press F11
d. Click the gap underneath the chat bar and you should be nubbing.

16) Catching Waves Cheat a) If you have a RED Puffle Walk it b) go to Surfing Hut c) Play the game and the RED Puffle Will surf with you. d)NOTE: THE RED PUFFLE WILL NOT SURF ON SURVIAL LEVEL. 

17) Stand on the Sign in the Town a. Go to the top of the mountain
b. Click on the Bunny Hill track
c. As your penguin is walking towards it, pull up the map
d. Enter and play the game
e. When game starts, count 4 seconds and click on the Town
f. When in the town, HOLD the Tab key and walk towards the arrow sign
g. DO NOT let go of the Tab key until your penguin has stopped moving.


30 Comments on “Cheats and Glitches”

  1. gecko40 Says:

    i cant nub fix it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gecko40 Says:


  3. Pezster12 Says:

    i told u its eay

  4. cruisingman1 Says:


  5. Music 408 Says:

    Nubbin Iz Simple

  6. Music 408 Says:

    Hi I Like to Nub

  7. Sam/Music 408 Says:

    to Nub Is easy!

  8. Pezster12 Says:

    yup nubbins fun 😛

  9. Bat Says:

    Its fun to TRY To Nub In the Dock but It Can’t Work

  10. exactamente Says:

    i know how to nub but it wont work on my computer

  11. pingu007 Says:

    this makes club penguin rock dude!

  12. Oprah Says:

    Hi, I’m Oprah, yes the one from T.V. My grandsome, Chris loves the website clubpenguin. Just wanted to tell you that!!

  13. Pezster12 Says:

    ur not oprah please poser

  14. Frosty733 Says:


  15. Pezster12 Says:

    cool its an easy glitcg do it on mammoth and start a nub party

  16. Kewlkid81 Says:

    Y do we have to go to mammoth?

  17. Pezster12 Says:

    mammoth is just where all the famous penguins go but u can go anywhere

  18. Desspereaux Says:


  19. mermaidjz Says:

    nubbing is just a stupid simple thing

  20. zipp42 Says:

    no it is fun mermaidjz

  21. Pezster12 Says:

    yesh it is fun yo!

  22. nat99 Says:


  23. bonzana Says:

    i no one

    bye all da puffles but call each puffle itz couler
    example:you call the red puffle red
    then go to page 14 im not rely sure but then it lets u bye da rainbow fuffle


  24. Onpu12 Says:

    I like nubbing, its soooooooooo much fun. Great cheats,Pez!! ~Onpu, Nat Wolff’s Girl :3

  25. Kh98 Says:

    ok how long has it been since anyone’s been on this site?

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