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Christmas Party and Sorry

December 23, 07

Merry Christmas Everyone Here Some Pics Of The Christmas Party. Sorry Ive Benn Gone So Long Enjoy The Party.

Santa Hat Is The Snow Forts

Reindeer Antlers Are In The Dock 

Christmas Scarf Comes Out Tommorrow ill Post The Videos and x-mas Music.


Merry Christmas-


  The Pin is In There Logde Attic


My 13th B-Day Party Videos

October 15, 07

Well, Here’s All The Videos I Took Of My 13th Birthday Party. Exactamente and All Here Friends Said They loved Me 😳 . Anyway If You Missed This Party I’m Having Another when I Get 10,000 Hits On This Web Site, So Keep Visiting This Site! 

Part 1: Cake Time:

Part 2: Present Time:

Part 3: After Party:


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😛


My New Interviews

October 11, 07

I’m Now Doing Interviews  So Comment On

And, We Can Arrange You An Interview. These Go On You Tube Fo Fun!!!  

Here’s My First 1: 

Interview With Exactamente:


Waddle On-

Pezster12 :mrgreen:

My 13th Birthday Party!

October 1, 07

Hey Penguins,

I’m Having My Birthday Party Here’s The Details:

When: Sunday October 14, 2007 (1 Day Before My Real B-Day)

Where: Pezster12’s Igloo on the Map , Dance Club, Cove And Where Ever but First at My Igloo.

Why: My 13th Birthday

Server, Time: Icicle (USA) , 1:00 Penguin Standard Time – Whenever.

RSVP: By Oct 12. Comment Below if You Can Make It. 

Note: All Info is Subject to Change, and If You Need Your Time Zone Just Ask.

Here’s The Penguins i Really Want To Come To The PARTY:







the Giver1 






More Coming Soon!


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😎 

Site Music ! [See Posts Below]

September 25, 07

We Now Have Music on This Site.It’s Loccated Under Meebo on My Sidebar. It Might Scare You At First So, Tell Me what You Think. If it Suddenly Stops Hit F5 on Your Keyboard. Enjoy! Note: Everyone my Friend Exactamente is sad because her Boyfriend Broke up with here so feel bad for her. 😦


Surfin’ USA

Techno Party Mix 

3 Doors Down (2) 

Maroon 5 (2)  

More Coming Soon! 


Waddle On-


All of the CP Music [See Posts Below]

September 15, 07

I added all of the music  from all the Parties, Rooms Games, and More! Visit: 

Note: My New Header Soon is Done!


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Pezster12  pirate-emote.jpg

Dream Penguins! [See Posts Below!]

September 9, 07

I ‘ ve Added Dream Penguins Here’s a Desciption:

Have You Ever Seen A Rare Penguin That You Dream of Using The Items Well Now You Can Just Leave Your Penguin Name, Coins, Spy Phone, Pin, Backround, And Items Through The Beta Test Hat to the Blue Cape We Have It All!

Go To


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😛