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Migrator Crashed/ Fiestia Sneek Peek

January 17, 08


Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and look into the telescope. The Iceberg has destroyed Rockhopper’s ship! Hes Coming To Cp on a Rowboat. I’ll Help Him Fix it! 😆

Fiesta Party Sneek Peek:

fiesta_sneakpeek.jpg I Can’t Wait, I Want Maracas!


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Rockhopper’s Coming Soon – Nov 9

November 7, 07


Rockhopper’s Long-Awaited Return is FINALY!!! Coming on Friday, November 26, 2007 


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Pezster12 pirate-emote.jpg

Fall Fair!

September 21, 07

Here’s A Quick Preview of the Fall Fair. They Brought Back every Stand they’ve Made!

Also See for the 2 NEW Party Music on CP. 


Puffle Shuffle (Forest) 

Memory Card Game (Beach)

Grab and Spin (Dock) 

Test Your Strength (Dock)

Feed-A-Puffle (Cove)

Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)

Un-Decorated Rooms:

Iceburg, Dojo, Lighthouse, Ski Lodge , Coffee Shop, Book Room, Mine Shack, Cave, Boiler Room, Sports Shop, Gift Shop.


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Pezster12 🙂   

New Newspaper Details- 9-20-07

September 20, 07


The New Newspaper is out and In the Fall Fair you’ll play games at the tent and win the free items!

Featured Game- Pizza-Tron 3000

Rockhopper Will be gone longer because he wants to explore more

That’s it till next week go check it out.


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Pezster12 😀

Fall Fair Sneek Peek!

September 17, 07


Here’s A Sneek Peek of the Fall Fair. Billybob said That there would be MORE than 1 Free Item and, a New Way to get them!

I Can’t Wait Till Friday! For EXATELY What Billybob said, go to .    


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Pezster12 😀 

Rockhopper’s Back + More Boxes !

September 14, 07


 [Click to Enlarge]

Here’s all the New Items I love the Pirate Ship and the Eyepatch.

Also, The Lighthouse is full of Boxes Twice as much, Go check it out For yourself 😉


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Pezster12 pirate-emote.jpg

Rockhopper’s Coming Back!

September 13, 07


Well Rockhopper’s Coming Again and he’s bringing items for the Fall Fair!


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