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My New Interviews

October 11, 07

I’m Now Doing Interviews  So Comment On

And, We Can Arrange You An Interview. These Go On You Tube Fo Fun!!!  

Here’s My First 1: 

Interview With Exactamente:


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Pezster12 :mrgreen:


My 13th Birthday Party!

October 1, 07

Hey Penguins,

I’m Having My Birthday Party Here’s The Details:

When: Sunday October 14, 2007 (1 Day Before My Real B-Day)

Where: Pezster12’s Igloo on the Map , Dance Club, Cove And Where Ever but First at My Igloo.

Why: My 13th Birthday

Server, Time: Icicle (USA) , 1:00 Penguin Standard Time – Whenever.

RSVP: By Oct 12. Comment Below if You Can Make It. 

Note: All Info is Subject to Change, and If You Need Your Time Zone Just Ask.

Here’s The Penguins i Really Want To Come To The PARTY:







the Giver1 






More Coming Soon!


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😎 


September 12, 07

6 Years Ago at 8:45 September 11, 2001 My teacher got a phone call from her husband, and he said the Twin Towers had just collapsed.3-4 terrorists hijacked a plane, killed all the people on the Plane and themselves. Over 3,000 People lost their life that day. It was a sad day even on CP we all gathered to a person’s igloo said sayings, threw flowers, and had moments of silence and we all wore red ,white,blue. God Bless America! 😦 👿  


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Pezster12 😥

I’m Going on Vacation! (PLEASE READ POSTS BELOW)

September 2, 07


I’m Going on a Vacation So, I wont respond to any comments till Monday this counts for JustinD07 Too!


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Pezster12 8)

Camping Party Ends + School !

August 28, 07


Above is My School Penguin Style!

The Camping Party is over, I hope you enjoyed it! 😉 Also School Starts Tommorow 😦 , so Wish me Luck. I Enjoyed the Summer So if School hasn’t started where You are, have FUN while you still can. NOTE: I still will go on CP Just Not as much. 


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