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Theater Finished + New Furniture + Igloo Catalog

November 16, 07

 theaterscreenshot.jpg Screenshot Of The Theater Click To Enlarge


Out Side Of The Theater

 plazatheater.jpg It Was Added To The Map

Here’s Some Pics of the Theater Thats In The Plaza, There Is Music See  Also Click The Puffles On The Top The YELLOW PUFFLE Appears on The Side You Clicked. There Is A Costume Catalog Too With All UFO and Space Stuff.

New Igloo Upgrade:


It’s A Log Cabin, Bring-Back.

New Furniture Catalog:


Here’s The New Furniture Catalog. All The Snow And Ice Furniture is Back! and the 2 New Items Are Cash Register , Easel. 


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New Clothing Catalog And Sport Catalog + Stage @ Plaza!

November 2, 07


Here’s The New Catalog It Has All Winter Clothing and Some Really Cool Bring-Backs!


Here’s The Sport Catalog With One Secret, Click On The Red Football Jersey fo the Orange Football Helmet(360 Coins)

Also There is A Whole Lot Of Construction Going On In The Plaza With A Sign Saying “Actors Needed Soon!” Possibly a Stage? Here’s a Screen Shot: 

  new-actors-stage-constuction.jpg   Click To Enlarge!


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New Spooky Halloween Furniture Catalog + Secrets

October 19, 07

newfurniturecatalogoct07.jpgHere’s The New Spooky Halloween Furniture Catalog. Secrets Are The Same. Secrets:


New Igloo Upgrade:



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Wigs!!! + New Post Cards

October 12, 07


The Mystery Fashion is Wigs!  Also Later On there Will Be A Few Wigs for Non-Members. We Decide If They Stay Past Halloween.

 The Prices Are:

The Spikester(500 Coins)

The Rocker(750 Coins) 

The Disco(600 Coins)

The Sportster(600 Coins)

The Funster(500 Coins)

The Beekeeper(750 Coins)

New Post Cards: 


Halloween Post Cards!!!


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New Halloween Clothing Catalog- Oct. 07

October 5, 07


Here’s All of the New Halloween Costumes That Will only be here fo  a month



Farie Wings (400 Coins)

Also The Halloween Costume Contest is on!!


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October Sneek Peek!

October 2, 07


Here’s A Pic from the Halloween Party! Billybob Said:

 4 weeks there will be a ton of new stuff including the Costume Catalog (with some new costumes and a few old favorites), a new Furniture Catalog, 2 parties, 4 contests, a brand new way to decorate your penguin, and lots more !

Any Way: I  can’t wait till this Friday I’ve always wanted the Ghost Costume!


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New Clothing Catalog Sept. 07

September 8, 07


Here’s The New Clothing Catalog’s Cover.




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