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Mission 6 Guide

January 22, 08

Here’s a Guide on Mission 6:

 1. Talk To G!

The crab Translator starts then Boom! It explodes!

find that crab because it escaped!

Go Through The door Here then go right then you’ll see the crab again he will go through another door which leads to the Sport Shop!

Tip: You Can just use your map and go to the Ski Village!

Then Head Towards the Sport Shop Door or use your map!

Then You Are at The Ski Village the crab will jump on to the ski lifts and there are 2 penguins! You can ask them where they went!

Anyways go up the Ski Lift and the crab will go to the other side of the mountain where we have tested G’s sled in the test drive! And you are rolling down the mountain with the crab! You will end up at the same place where you crashed in Mission #2 G’s Secret Sled!

The Wilderness!

Go Right and you will see the crab heading towards the puffle o’s bushes,

Dang the puffle o’s bush is empty! but go left and you will see that crab escaping again!

then the crab will go towards a cave yep the same place you slept in mission 2! the same old cave!


then the crab will go through the door a puffle sized door!

 I thought there had to be a black puffle around the one who helped me in Mission #2 but poor him he is so hungry!

Ok so go right from the cave to an area then you will see the Puffle!

The Puffle is hungry, so go left to another opening! There you will see a bag of puffle o’s hang in a tree but how do i get it down?


Ok Select your secret agent spy phone from your inventory!  then click on tools, select the scissors and use it to cut down the rope!

Then collect the bag of puffle o’s! then go back to where you found the Hungry Black Puffle and give him a piece of puffle o’s!

Then he will become your friend! Now go to the back to the cave with the puffle door! And select another puffle o and put it near the door and click your mouse! You will throw the puffle o inside the puffle door and the black puffle will open the door for you!

Enter the cave and suddenly you are trapped!

The Polar Bear!!!!!

The Polar Bear tells his story about how he hates the cold and blah blah blah until he said he wanted to chop the Ski Lodge down which made my jaws drop!

So then you must find a way to get out! (

Luckily i found a way!







Now you are free!

And in this picture you have to pick up these items!


Ok Now put the hook and put it together with a rope!

And now go to the door and oh ur trapped! now use the hot flame pepper sauce and put it on a puffle os!

then give it to the black puffle!

Now go back to the same place you are when you tumbled down with the crab!


Ok now use your hook and rope (climbing hook) to clime up the Mountain!

now go to the Ski lodge and go to the door with the gone fishing sign on it!

Now put a puffle o over the Polar bear’s head then  he says he is hungry then he asks for Seaweed pizza!

Go to the pizza parlour and order a Seaweed pizza!

then go back to the Ski Lodge and again give the pizza to the polar Bear!

quick! while he busy chewing click the lever on the machine! then the Polar bear finishes eating and turns on the machine except the machine ends up going backwards! and the polar bear and crab goes falls into the icy water, then G comes by! he says Good job Agent! now G receives a call and its by the Polar bear!

He says it’s not over or something like that!

And now you are done!



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Winter Fiesta Jan. 2008

January 18, 08

Here’s A Video Of All Decorated Rooms In CP.

Festive Maracas:


They Are in the Dance Club.




The Pin Is in the Forest, Click 2 Times To Break Pinata.

Enjoy This Party It Ends January 20 !


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Migrator Crashed/ Fiestia Sneek Peek

January 17, 08


Go to the Lighthouse Beacon and look into the telescope. The Iceberg has destroyed Rockhopper’s ship! Hes Coming To Cp on a Rowboat. I’ll Help Him Fix it! 😆

Fiesta Party Sneek Peek:

fiesta_sneakpeek.jpg I Can’t Wait, I Want Maracas!


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New Play Sneek Peek

January 7, 08

stageplaysneek-peek.jpg Here’s A Sneek Peek Of The New Play At The Stage This Friday. I Think It A City Play.


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New Snow Shovel Pin 50th Pin

January 6, 08


Here’s the The New Pin Its In The Boiler Room.


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