New Spooky Halloween Furniture Catalog + Secrets

newfurniturecatalogoct07.jpgHere’s The New Spooky Halloween Furniture Catalog. Secrets Are The Same. Secrets:


New Igloo Upgrade:



Waddle On-

Pezster12 😛

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4 Comments on “New Spooky Halloween Furniture Catalog + Secrets”

  1. Pezster12 Says:

    yay i got the pic finally!!!!

  2. zobles Says:

    hi pezster i added ur website 2 ur blogroll!! wanna be friends on cp??? wb pls. 🙂

  3. zobles Says:

    pezster, i added u to my blogroll.thx

  4. exactamente Says:

    yay i love the new stuff
    tomorrow is the cp birthday party!

    today ima start a “shamrocks for cali fires” like at the mammoth dock
    cuz the fires are near me and my cousins had to evacuate now they at my house
    its really dfkdhgkdfhgka and i have no school

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