October Sneek Peek!


Here’s A Pic from the Halloween Party! Billybob Said:

 4 weeks there will be a ton of new stuff including the Costume Catalog (with some new costumes and a few old favorites), a new Furniture Catalog, 2 parties, 4 contests, a brand new way to decorate your penguin, and lots more !

Any Way: I  can’t wait till this Friday I’ve always wanted the Ghost Costume!


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😛

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16 Comments on “October Sneek Peek!”

  1. exactamente Says:

    whoa yo that is a creepy tree jk
    cant wait for the costumes!

  2. Pezster12 Says:

    me neither exate! nothing muck cpusp

  3. exactamente Says:

    dont you mean “me too” aha idk

  4. exactamente Says:

    its ok pez lol

  5. thegiver1 Says:

    hey pez my real penguin name is the giver1

  6. thegiver1 Says:

    when are you going to post on my site

  7. thegiver1 Says:

    did i tell you i saw a beta tester 2 days ago it was Fano oh i and i saw mike 92
    isnt that cool need to find out how to post a pic that i made onpiant on to my site

  8. Pezster12 Says:

    yup i kinow fano

  9. thegiver1 Says:

    cool when are you gonna post on my site

  10. thegiver1 Says:

    please do wanna meet today

  11. exactamente Says:

    hola i would like to say if you havent already found out the hidden place for the fairy wings its in the belt on the princess dress
    just incase you wanted to put that on your site


  12. Pezster12 Says:

    i know im going to.

  13. exactamente Says:

    lol how did you know! jk ok.

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