6 Years Ago at 8:45 September 11, 2001 My teacher got a phone call from her husband, and he said the Twin Towers had just collapsed.3-4 terrorists hijacked a plane, killed all the people on the Plane and themselves. Over 3,000 People lost their life that day. It was a sad day even on CP we all gathered to a person’s igloo said sayings, threw flowers, and had moments of silence and we all wore red ,white,blue. God Bless America! 😦 👿  


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😥

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10 Comments on “9-11”

  1. santah Says:

    Of course you can be on my blogroll.
    I just added ya!

  2. legoless Says:

    😕 im not american.

  3. Pezster12 Says:

    i nkow well im american

  4. exactamente Says:

    i remember that day i was watching the news before going to school in 4th grade. i was standin there speechless..
    you’re lucky that your grandpa is still alive. but im really sorry that i was kinda actin like whatever about it when you told me about it 😥

  5. Dilusion 92 Says:

    im puerto rican but that was still a sad day my friend lost his dad… i was in 2nd grade and i saw the 2nd tower get hit LIVE and i didnt know anything about what just happened back then

  6. thegiver1 Says:

    im mexican / american

  7. thegiver1 Says:

    why did you log off

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