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New Ping-Pong Paddle Pin

September 28, 07


Here’s the New Pin It’s in the Snow Forts.


Waddle On-

Pezster12 😆


Sneek Peek of The Fall Fair Items!

September 26, 07



The Free Items Will Hopefully be A Candy Necklace, Paddle Ball, Lollipop. This Will Happen Friday. 


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Pezster12 😉 

Site Music ! [See Posts Below]

September 25, 07

We Now Have Music on This Site.It’s Loccated Under Meebo on My Sidebar. It Might Scare You At First So, Tell Me what You Think. If it Suddenly Stops Hit F5 on Your Keyboard. Enjoy! Note: Everyone my Friend Exactamente is sad because her Boyfriend Broke up with here so feel bad for her. 😦


Surfin’ USA

Techno Party Mix 

3 Doors Down (2) 

Maroon 5 (2)  

More Coming Soon! 


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Fall Fair!

September 21, 07

Here’s A Quick Preview of the Fall Fair. They Brought Back every Stand they’ve Made!

Also See for the 2 NEW Party Music on CP. 


Puffle Shuffle (Forest) 

Memory Card Game (Beach)

Grab and Spin (Dock) 

Test Your Strength (Dock)

Feed-A-Puffle (Cove)

Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)

Un-Decorated Rooms:

Iceburg, Dojo, Lighthouse, Ski Lodge , Coffee Shop, Book Room, Mine Shack, Cave, Boiler Room, Sports Shop, Gift Shop.


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Pezster12 🙂   

4 Free Items and More Items Coming Soon!

September 21, 07

Here’s almost of the Free Items for the Fall Fair, Rockhopper will bring the Rest Monday. Ballistic Biscuit is Officially is called Hydro-Hopper.


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Pezster12 😉

New Newspaper Details- 9-20-07

September 20, 07


The New Newspaper is out and In the Fall Fair you’ll play games at the tent and win the free items!

Featured Game- Pizza-Tron 3000

Rockhopper Will be gone longer because he wants to explore more

That’s it till next week go check it out.


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Pezster12 😀

Fall Fair Sneek Peek!

September 17, 07


Here’s A Sneek Peek of the Fall Fair. Billybob said That there would be MORE than 1 Free Item and, a New Way to get them!

I Can’t Wait Till Friday! For EXATELY What Billybob said, go to .    


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Pezster12 😀